100 Men Who Cook 

One project of mine during my 2017 summer internship with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Elkhart County was creating a new Sponsor Menu for the Elkhart Club’s largest fundraiser event – 100 Men Who Cook.

A Sponsor Menu (in case you’ve never heard of one – I hadn’t until I had to make one) is a “menu” of different levels donors can choose from when they want to sponsor an event or fundraiser. It will offer each level, and then explain what the sponsor receives for choosing each level. For example, on the 100 Men Who Cook Sponsor Menu, the top sponsor level choice is “Chef De Cuisine” which offers – among other things – a full page ad in the program book for the event. Whereas the next level down, Executive Chef, only receives a half page ad.

Please click below and download the Sponsor Menu I created! I’ve also included a sample of an individual sponsor level request.

100 Men Who Cook Sponsor Menu

100 Men Who Cook Individual Sponsor Menu

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